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LauraStar Lift Xtra Steam Generator (Aluminum)

Laurastar Lift Xtra is the latest generation of portable 3-in-1 steam generators: it irons, steams and purifies clothing. No more need to adjust the temperature, and the new iron’s 3D soleplate allows you to avoid creases! Laurastar’s latest high-end models are equipped with pulsed steam, the ultimate finishing touch to take care of your clothing. With a unique design and exceptional steam, ironing becomes easier than ever!

  • You can iron on a board or steam directly on a hanger
  • Perfect results in a single movement for all fabrics and colors thanks to a professional iron
  • No more creases thanks to the 3D soleplate
  • Easy to put away, easy to move around and ready in 3 minutes thanks to its unique ergonomics
  • No longer any need to adjust the temperature
  • Color: Aluminum

Single Temperature

No more need for temperature adjustments! Your Lift steam generator will automatically reach the ideal temperature for all of your fabrics.

Pulsed Steam

Diffused through a series of bursts, pulsed steam ensures an optimum amount of steam for perfect results, regardless of the color or fabric of your clothing.

3D Active Soleplate

Unrivaled ironing in a single movement thanks to an exclusive dual-action feature: the surface of the soleplate holds the fabric in place while steam is distributed over its entire surface to effortlessly eliminate creases.


  • Anti-scale filter
  • Water tank
  • Protective soleplate
  • Special insulating mat
  • Steam cord holder