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#2 UPGRADE - DIME Perfect Embroidery Professional

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Manufacturer #:1089-IBD-1217

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Perfect Embroidery Pro provides all the tools you need to achieve professional embroidery results in one feature-packed platform.

Includes all features of Perfect Embroidery Suite
    • Running Stitch for Redwork
    • Over 140 Fonts
    • Run Stitch Font
    • Tackle Twill Program
    • Inside-out Feature for Caps
    • New Pattern Fill Shapes
    • Save Design as JPG Feature
    • Auto Baste Feature
    • Create Custom Emboss & Fills
    • Alignment Icons for Easy Placement
    • Optimizes Entry and Exit Points
PLUS hundreds of custom features, designs and embellishments.
Digitizing Features
    • Magic Wand Segmented Auto Digitizing
    • Auto Digitizing Wizard
    • Create Manual, Run, Satin, Fill Stitches
    • Create Redwork Stitch
    • Create Custom Tackle Twill Designs
    • Create Custom Appliqué Designs
    • Create Custom Fill Patterns
    • Insert Keyboard Lettering (140+)
    • Run Stitch Font
View Features
    • 3D Realistic View
    • Design Sequence
    • Design Gallery
    • Virtual Design Redraw
    • Grid Lines & Guidelines
    • Intelligent Ruler (gives recommendations)
    • Image Fading on Imported Images
Specialty Features
    • Design Optimization
    • Save Design to JPG in 3D View
    • Create Custom Thread Charts
Editing Features
    • Edit Density, Underlay, Compensation & Stitch Lengths
    • Optimize Design Sequence
    • Optimize Sewing Sequence
    • Modify Start and End Points
    • Modify Stitch Direction/Angles
    • Modify Object’s Shape
    • Unlimited Redo/Undo
    • Resize With Stitch Regenerating
    • Resize, Rotate & Distort Lettering
    • Create Emboss Lines
    • Alignment Tools
    • Edit Individual Stitch Points
    • Join Design Elements With Branching


Step-by-step instruction manual included. Achieve professional embroidery results every time!
Click here for Minimum System Requirements


Formats Supported Include:

Artista (1) (.art), Barudan (dat & UXY), Click2Stitch (c2s), GN Scalable (1) (gnc), Melco Scalable (1) (cnd), Janome Scan-n-Sew PC/Elna Envision Scan PC (sew), Janome/New Home 1000 (jef, jef+), SWF (sst), Melco DOS expanded (exp), Pfaff (ksm, vp3), Pfaff Macintosh (pcm), Singer PSW (xxx), Tajima (dst, dsb, dsz), Toyota (10o), Pfaff PC- Designer V2.0 & V2.1 PC (pcs), Toyota Poem/Singer EU/Dos HuskyGram (csd), Baby Lock/Bernina Deco/Brother/Simplicity (pes), Viking (vip), Viking D1 (shv), Viking DOS Customizer/Customizer 95 (hus), Scalable Vector Graphics (svg), AutoCad (dxf), HPGL Plotter File (plt),TXT, PLT, DXF, QCC, CQP, HQF, SSD, IQP, Emboss Pattern(emp), Motif Pattern(mtp), Shape Pattern (shp), Library File (ldf)