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10pk Groz-Beckert Industrial Needles DPx5, Size 80/12

  • 10pk Groz-Beckert Industrial Needles DPx5 Details

    These Groz-Beckert Needles are crafted with the latest technology and maximum precision to give you an enhanced sewing experience. Designed for long arm and industrial machines, these needles feature a round point suitable for woven fabrics, coated materials, soft leather, and artificial leather. Use them on upper and outerwear, accessories, and upholstery. The DPx5 Industrial Groz-Beckert Needles are available in 17 different sizes and come in packs of 10.

    Alternative Part Numbers:
    QM00267, QM00204, QM00244, QM00246, QM00272, DBx1, 16x231, 16x257, 1738(A), 287WH, SY2254, DPx5, DPx7, 135x5, 135x7, 134, 797, SY1

  • 10
  • Industrial
  • 80/12
  • DBx1