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Shortcut Binding Tool #FQC-0100


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Franklin Quilt Company Patterns



5 Squares

5" Squares #FQC-001

Scrap Box Chevron

Scrap Box Chevron #FQC-019

Nearly Scrapless

Nearly Scrapless #FQC-015

Puzzled Nine Patch

Puzzled Nine Patch #FQC-024

Carter House

Carter House #FQC-017

Scrap Box Squares

Scrap Box Squares #FQC-020

Second Glance

Second Glance #FQC-014

Just Around the Block

Just Around The Block #FQC-025

Chloe's Quilt

Chloe's Quilt #FQC-007

Scrappy Nine Patch

Scrappy Nine Patch #FQC-021

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones #FQC-012

White Lighting

White Lighting #FQC-026

Romantic Charm

Romantic Charm #FQC-006

Darling Clementine

Darling Clementine #FQC-002

Summer Daze

Summer Daze #FQC-003



Easy As Pi

Easy As Pi #FQC-018

Sweet Pea Squares

Sweet Pea Squares #FQC-016

Sassy Squares

Sassy Squares #FQC-022




Ohio Stars


Shortcut Binding Tool #FQC-0100

Shortcut Binding Tool


Instruction Video -Ruler Video - “No Hand Stitching.” The binding and flange are sewn as one unit to the back of your quilt and pulled to the front and machine stitched down. Our Shortcut Binding tool is used to cut your strips and help you to join the end of your binding together. Have fun with this binding method and NO MORE HAND STITCHING!! Yardage Chart and complete instructions for cutting and finishing The binding and flange as one unit and two sided/two colors binding. #FQC-0100