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QT09724-1 HQ Sweet Sixteen Table Overlay


QF00036 Easy-Grasp Quilt Clamps (set of 2)


QF00037 HQ SUPER QUILT CLAMP ( for Little Foot & Studio Frame)


QF00038 Hold-Tight Clamps Small (set of 2)


QF00039 Hold-Tight Clamps Large (set of 2)


QF00040 Velcro Side Clamps (set of 2)


QF00041 HQ SUPER CLAMP (for Gallery Frame)


QF00665 Velcro for HQ Portable Professional Frame


QF00669 Velcro for Studio Frame Frame


QF00670 White Table Track - 10 1/2' HQ Sixteen Continuous Tracks (Each)


QF00671 White Table Track - 12' HQ Sixteen Continuous Tracks (Each)


QF09308 HQ Studio Frame 2' Section


QF09318-04 Black Plastic Track Insert 12 Foot Length


QF09318-110 Bungee Clamp and Cord (Each)


QF09328 HAND WHEEL KIT (for Studio Frame)


QF09345 Studio Frame Caster to Fit HQ Studio Frame (Straight Legged)


QF09553 LEADER SUPER 11'x27" (Single)


QF09554 Leader Set 11' x 17" (3 in set)


QF09555 Leader Set 9.5' x 17" (3 in set)


QF09558 Gallery Leader Set (3 in set)


QF10608 White Carriage Track - HQ18 Avante (Each)


QF10610 White Carriage Track - HQ Sixteen (Each)


QF12408 Gallery Frame Hand Wheel Kit


QF12410 White Carriage Track - HQ24 Fusion (Each)


QM10065-10 HQ Pro-Stitcher Flexirack 10' Length


QM10065-12 HQ Pro-Stitcher Flexirack 12' Length


QT00500 HQ HighRise Table Lift System


QT09726 HQ Sweet Sixteen Table 18" Extension




QF1248 HAND WHEEL KIT (for Gallery & Fusion Frame)