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Brother Embroidery Lettering Monogramming Software

ELS® Embroidery Lettering Software

Monogramming Designer Wizard helps you get started
Edit the height, width, letter, slant or scale to available design
area to customize your monograms
Stitch receipes for stitches/fabric/stabilizer combinations
Eliminate jump stitches with Auto Trim
Color sort feature eliminates unneccesary thread changes
Select background color, and preview your design
Compatible with virtually any embroidery machine


ELS® Embroidery Lettering Software
Compatible with the most popular embroidery machines and embroidery software, BES® Embroidery Lettering Software 2 combines all the creative potential and functionality of ELS® Embroidery Software with more than 35 additional features, including:

User-friendly framework to quickly access program features and
Keep multiple workspaces open and work on several projects at once
Merge multiple designs into one
Confidently transform TrueType fonts into gorgeous lettering
Over 170 built-in pre-digitized fonts - including Hebrew and Cyrillic
227 built-in resizable designs
Name drop function for projects using the same design with multiple
Auto baste function to ensure correct design placement
Fit hoop function automatically resizes designs and lettering
4mm lettering font for cuff and shirt pocket lettering
Customized font style patterns


ELS® Embroidery Lettering Software

  Easy-to-use toolbar click and type feature for instant viewing
On-screen sewing simulation
Built-in stitch recipes for stitches/fabric/stabilizer combinations
Built-in selection of hoops in sizes up to 5"x7"
Merge letters or monograms with other stitch files
20 built-in monogram decorations