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Top Story:
The secret is out of the bag! Let me start by saying Sewing Machines are not manufactured in the U.S.

Some Babylock dealers have not been truthful to customers over the years.

Yes, Brother is the manufacturer of Babylock. No, Babylock is not made in Saint Louis, Missouri. These brand names, Brother and Babylock have become Top names in the sewing world. It is time to present the evidence to consumers about where 90% of the Babylock machines are made and why Brother is priced much less than Babylock.

Bottom Line. Babylock is a brand name owned and distributed by Tacony Corporation. Sewing machines are not manufactured in the USA or Fenton, Missouri.

In most cases, the most significant difference is which designs are included in each brand. The two brands work closely together, producing some of the finest embroidery machines on the market.

So why choose Brother?

Why pay more when you can purchase directly from the manufacturer?

Brother is designed and manufactured by the top embroidery and sewing industry engineers. Brother Industries is known for producing consistently reliable products and using the leading technology in all its products. It offers affordable prices to fit anyone's pocketbook.

Brother engineers make sure all Brother Dealers know the inside and out of all their products to support customers with any repair issues that they might have. Brother sells to big box stores and supports thousands of independent retailers nationwide.
If you purchase from one of these big box stores, you will not get customer support like you get from an independent retailer. Still, you will always get the warranty you deserve from Brother and any Authorized Brother service center.
Brothers' top priority in the retail business is to support their independent retailers with the best products and training to offer customers. These models have slightly different characteristics, but their primary components are nearly identical.

Top rules for buying a machine.
1) One that will fit your pocketbook.
2) A machine that will do everything you need it to do.
3) Warranty and support?
4) Can I upgrade or trade later?

Top questions to ask?
a) Do I receive lessons/ classes?

b) Are these in a classroom setting or in one-on-one lessons?
c) Is your staff knowledgeable about these machines?
d) Do you offer any other discounts throughout the year?
e) Warranty?
f) Do you have a service department?
g) Are machines done in-house?
h) Are you an authorized service center or just authorized to sell?

Heyde Sewing is an independent retailer and an authorized Diamond Brother dealer/ service center. We strive to support all sewing machine sales, from the Internet to dealer machines. We guarantee the best price with the best support you can receive from another independent dealer or web purchase. We will offer lessons on all current machines not purchased at our store. We cover models like Janome, Singer, Babylock, and Brother.
Register online or call. 314-843-1168

Stylish, chic and oh-so green. Pin this one for later…
December 2023



Lately, we’ve been thinking…


…how can we use our love of embroidery to make the world an even cleaner place?


Sure, you’re probably already well-versed in the art of stitching customized designs on t-shirts and jeans.

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Running out of material? We’ve got you covered. 
January 2024



This is a little embarrassing, but we just couldn’t think of a single good quilting joke today…


…I guess we’re running out of material.


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This is the secret to effortless embroidery…
February 2024



Can you guess the #1 decision that can make or break your next embroidery project before you’ve even begun?


Here’s a hint: It has nothing to do with your designs.


It all comes down to picking the right fabric.


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Do THIS before you ever pick up your needle…
September 2023



Have you ever heard the phrase, the pen is mightier than the sword?


We don’t know about you, but even our most skilled embroidery experts have found themselves struggling to nail complex patterns – even with their favorite needle.


That’s where the power of the pen comes in.

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How to make the most of your sewing space…
October 2023



If you’ve ever said…


“Honey, I swear I’m not a hoarder. I just need a bigger craft room!”


Then you’re far from being alone in this community!


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Stitch it today, and treasure it forever. Here’s how…
November 2023



What is your one special memory that you wish you could treasure for a lifetime?


Well, with the art of embroidery at your fingertips, you can *commemorate* just about anything.


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Top Story :


Here’s a fun sewing project for kids
June 2023



Have you ever finished a project that not only looked good, but kept you feeling good for weeks to come?


Well, look no further than this insanely easy kid-approved “Boo Boo Bag,” the perfect craft for inspiring your own kiddos or gifting to a young family friend.

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The hack that says, “Zip, Zip, Hooray!”
July 2023



Today, we’re taking a look at one of the most feared applications amongst the sewing community…

…the zipper. 

 Whether you’re brand new to sewing or a professional seamstress, these tricky little add-ons can ultimately make or break your finished project.


But it doesn’t have to be this way.


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Hands need a break? Check these goodies out…
August 2023



We have a very serious question for you…


…do your hands ever feel like they just need a break?


Well, unless you’ve got some superhero-level stitching ability, it’s safe to say that the art of embroidery can cause some serious wear on your precious fingers over time.


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Burnt out on sewing? This is for you…
March 2023


Lately, we’ve been thinking…


…when’s the last time you felt completely burnt out by the sewing projects that once fueled your artistic passion?


At Heyde Sewing Machine, our mission is to help the next generation of sewing aficionados (you!) tap into their creativity and…

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This is how you get perfect patterns every time…
April 2023



Can you guess how the police caught a serial sewing machine thief?


Because he was following a pattern. 


That’s a good one, right? Go ahead, steal it for your next big sewing party.

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Change does NOT have to be scary. Here’s why…
May 2023



Have you ever felt like you’ve reached a dead end in your sewing progress?


Or maybe your hands just don’t seem to work as well as they used to?


Or maybe you simply don’t have time for the “old fashioned” way anymore?

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The cure for sewing stress is here…
December 6, 2022

Have you heard the latest gossip about the man whose wife broke her sewing machine?

It caused quite a lot of trouble in their home…

Because now she *seamed* a little stressed. 

*drum hit*

Okay, maybe sewing-related comedy isn’t necessarily our area of expertise. 

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Why THIS cosmetic favorite is your needle's best friend... 
January 2023

Tell me if this sounds familiar…


You’ve just settled in to start work on your next big sewing project, but when you reach for your trusty needle and thread, a jolt of panic hits you. 


Suddenly, you realize…

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The beginner-friendly gift idea you HAVE to try… 
February 2023

When was the last time you had to shop for THAT person?

You know, the one who makes you want to just throw a gift card inside of an envelope and be done with it?

Here’s the good news: just because they are impossible to shop for, doesn’t mean you can’t add your own personalized flair to their gift.

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